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Out of the Ashes

Unknown Squared Productions

About a year ago everything changed. I must apologize if I sound unsure about the time, we tried to keep track of it, but it's been difficult since we've been 50 feet underground for a long time. If you are listening to this then that means you're either a survivor or a descendant of those who have survived. If you're a survivor then that means there's a chance we're still alive and if you're listening to this you can contact me on the frequency 14.060. I want to know who is out there. If you're a descendant, then that means we're no longer here and you're the future of the human civilization. I'm not sure if you've been told the story of what happened, but suddenly the world was devastated by abnormal weather conditions. Category 5 tornadoes, tidal waves, severe hail storms, earthquakes but by far the most devastating was the eruption of several of the worlds super volcanoes. The ash blew into the sky, not only plunging us into a continuous cold but leaving the world blanketed in darkness. When we emerged from the bunker to see what was left we learned more than we bargained for. Sit back and let me tell you the story of what came Out of the Ashes.