Out of the Ashes

The Bloody Mace

May 04, 2022 Unknown Squared Productions Season 1 Episode 12
Out of the Ashes
The Bloody Mace
Show Notes

David, Chris, Luther, Tanya and Izzy arrive in North Carolina to search for the philosophers stone.  But before their search can begin, they receive a warning from Watchtower.  Some of his friends in the area told him about some strange group that arrived and sealed off the island.  Soon after, people started disappearing.  Then they too vanished without a trace.  What is happening on the island?  Can they find a way to get on the island safely?  Will they be able to find the stone?

Chris - Sedric Willis
David - Vincent C. Davis
Luther - Joshua Cookingham
Tanya - Tiffany Witcher
Isabelle - Erin Suminsby
Minahd (Cult Leader) - Matthew Coles
Aeshma - Shawn Moreau

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