Out of the Ashes

Prologue - Episode 1 - E.L.E.

September 28, 2021 Unknown Squared Productions Season 1
Out of the Ashes
Prologue - Episode 1 - E.L.E.
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For years conspiracy theorists have mentioned the government's test on ways to harness the power of nature.  Well, led by Dr. Vanessa Walters, they do just that, but while she feels the project is not ready to launch her military counterparts have grown impatient and the force the project online.  It works...but nature is not something to be trifled with.


Don't Go In There by Megan Mcduffee

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Knock at door. 

General Caldwell: Come in.

Dr. Walters: You wanted to see me. 

General Caldwell: Yes. Sit down Doctor. 

Doctor walks in room and sits in chair. 

General Caldwell: It has been decided that Project Tempestas will go online today at midday despite your request. 

Doctor Walters: What?! General, I strongly recommend that you reconsider. 

General Caldwell: Why is that? You said it yourself, the project is going remarkably well. Right? 

Doctor Walters: Right. It has been, but there are contingencies that have not been tested and a machine with potentially catastrophic results should not be rushed into. 

General Caldwell: Doctor. You estimated 3 years for project completion and after many requests for extensions we gave you 5. The satellite will go online today and if we come across any problems you will just have to fix them as we go. 

Doctor Walters: Just fix as we go?! You talk as if this is just a car that may need minor repairs. This is a complex piece of machinery that is going to control nature itself. 

General Caldwell: This is not up for debate.

Doctor Walters: I will not turn this satellite on.

General Caldwell: I had hoped you would play ball but I did plan for this. 

General Caldwell presses button on phone. 

General Caldwell: Send them in. 

Door opens and MP’s walk in. 

Doctor Walters: What is this?! Are you serious?! 

General Caldwell: Escort Doctor Walters off the premises.

Doctor Walters: You can’t do this! You’re making a mistake! 

Doctor Walters yells as he is forcibly removed from the office. 


General Caldwell: Captain Scott, meet me in the control room. 

Captain Scott: Aye, Sir. 

Elevator dings and opens on control room floor 

Enlisted Airmen: Officer on deck! 

General Caldwell: As you were!...Captain bring the satellite online. 

Captain Scott: Aye, Sir. Power on! 

Whirring sound gets louder

Captain Scott: Target Nevada Desert. Weather condition. Snow. 

Button pressing in background. Everyone is silent, watching the screen as it snows in the desert. 

Everyone: *Cheers* *Clapping*

Loud rumbling and violent shaking. 

General Caldwell: What is going on? Captain Scott: I don’t know, sir.

Enlisted Airman: We are losing signal, sir! 

Shaking gets harder and items begin crashing. 

General Caldwell: Everyone get out!