Out of the Ashes

Prologue - Episode 2 - S.H.T.F.

September 28, 2021 Unknown Squared Productions Season 1
Out of the Ashes
Prologue - Episode 2 - S.H.T.F.
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The Butterfly Effect is more than a concept as the military Project Tempestas has gone operational, but not under control since a super volcano eruption has destroyed the command center.  It is causing catastrophic weather anomalies everywhere it can reach and that includes in Delaware.  Where David Rockwell is on his way home.


Don't Go In There - Megan McDuffee

Song: Ivan Shpilevsky - The Time (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank
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Sounds of office talking in background. 

Phone rings.

Secretary’s voice over speaker: Mr. Rockwell, I have your wife on line 1. 

Dave Rockwell: Thank you Katie. I got it. *Click* Hey. What’s up? 

Lena Rockwell: How is your day going? 

Dave: It’s going good. Got a meeting in 5 minutes. Hoping to close on this deal. 

Lena: Well I know you got this. Just wanted to remind you about Gabby’s play tonight at 7. 

Dave: Yes I will be there.

Lena: Great! Also remember to...

Dave: Get the flowers.

Chris comes and lightly knocks on Dave’s door. 

Chris: Hey. You ready?

Lena: *Laughs*. I love you. I will see you tonight. 

Dave: Love you too.

Dave: Alright. Let’s do this. 

Footsteps walking through hallway. 

Chris: All right! Lets go. You remember the game plan, right? 

Dave: I do all the talking and you co-sign. 

Chris: Funny. 

Foot steps stop.

All right. Through these doors is the beginning of the end for all of money troubles. 

Deep breath. 

Door opens. 

Dave: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. 

In the lobby of Dave’s floor. 

Chris: You killed it in there. This definitely calls for a celebration. I heard some people are headed out for drinks. You coming? 

Dave: Nah. I have to head home. I told Lena I would be coming home tonight. Take a shot for me though. 

Chris: After that presentation, I’ll take three. 

Dave: I’m sure you will. *Joking* 

Chris: *Laughs* Tell Lena I said hello. 

Dave: Will do. 

Elevator bell dings 

Dave: I’ll catch up with you later. 

Elevator goes down. Elevator bell dings, doors open. Foot steps
 Car alarm beeps
 Car door opens
 Car door closes
 Keys Jingle (background) Engine starts
 Radio comes on (Jae Focus) Drive (approx. 15 sec.) 

Jae Focus comes back on 

Phone ringing 

Lena: Hello.

Dave: Hey. Are you ok? 

Lena: Yes. We’re fine. What should we be doing right now? I’ve looked up the effects of a super volcano eruption and it’s not good. 

Dave: It’s too early to tell, but let’s be prepared. Start prepping the bunker. And we can go down if... 

Lena: If what?... 

Dave: What the hell?! 

Heavy winds begin to build up 

Lena: What?

Car door opens. Car beeps since keys are left in ignition. 

Dave: Get in the bunker now..

Car door closes. Beeping stops. 

Dave: I’ll be home as soon as I can.