Out of the Ashes

Prologue - Episode 4 - On The Road

September 28, 2021 Unknown Squared Productions Season 1
Out of the Ashes
Prologue - Episode 4 - On The Road
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After being removed from the project and from the site, Vanessa chooses to make her way home.  It's a treacherous journey as she is now pitted against nature but she eventually makes it.  There she begins her work to try and shut down the network of satellites controlling Tempestas.  It goes surprisingly well until her progress is halted by things of a supernatural sort.


Don't Go In There - Megan Mcduffee

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June 26 3:13 pm.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  I went back to the base after the eruption.  With it being so close to the site, it probably wasn’t my smartest decision.  The entrance was collapsed.  I can only surmise that the rest the site has fared the same way.  I don’t know what I was expecting to see but this was the place I called home for the past five years.  I think it was something I had to do.  There were some very nice people in there, some I eventually called my friends and other…more.  After the incident I heard reports of devastating weather anomalies across the states.  I’m betting this is because of the Tempestas project.  I tried to stop the project.  Some part of me knew that I couldn’t hold off the launch date forever.  When I was approached about leading this experiment I really wanted to do good in the world.  I was naive enough to believe that I would be.  I will fix this.  Once the rose glasses came off I knew I needed a contingency plan so I kept the schematics for the control board on a flash drive for just this kind of situation.  I sent most of the parts needed to my non-government sanctioned home.  I just need to get home.  Recording ends.

June 30,  10:01 am.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  I remember once watching a youtube video about a woman who traveled across the country to experience the freedom of the open road.  She seemed to be so happy every second of the trip.  I thought it would be fun to do it one day.  I guess now is that one day, but this is tiring.  I guess different circumstances.  While she was doing it for the open road, I am doing it to save the world.  Wow that sounds so cliche.  Like a 90’s movie trailer.  She’s doing it to save world.  I stopped at a gas station today.  There were so many displaced families trying to escape the immediate area.  The sadness I saw In all of their eyes lit a fire in me.  So I got whatever snacks I needed and left as soon as possible.  Well that was one reason I had to leave quickly.  The other is because I was told by one of the women there that they were told to come to that location to wait for military help.  I didn't want to run in to them.  Especially since I commandeered a military vehicle for a cross country trek.  That would definitely bring up too many questions.  I already had more than I wanted from the people there.  I don’t want anyone knowing who I am.  How do you explain to someone that you’re the reason for everything that is happening.  So here I am.  Back on the road.  Recording ends.

July 4, 6:00 am.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  Well I’m finally home.  I was more tired than I thought and slept through 2 days.  Ready to get to work.  Happy Independence Day.  If that means anything anymore.  People used to wait for this day anticipating firing up the grill.  Now it’s just a footnote in their live while they try to survive after one of the greatest natural disasters of this country.  We haven’t seen sunlight in a while and the average temperature has dropped but it appears people are trying to hold it together.  The President has tried to install calmness into society, but after experiencing military life I am now able to call a bluff.  I can see it in their eyes, they are just as scared as the people I saw at the gas station a little while ago.  I should have the control panel assembled soon but that won’t be the hardest part.  Bringing down the firewalls will be the challenge.  I didn’t do that myself.  I am a good coder but this guy was an artist.  He designed the coding to be unique and dare I say self thinking.  It’s not really artificial intelligence but it has contingencies on contingencies.  It fights against anyone who attempts to connect through anything but the control panel.  I know I have some work ahead of me.  Recording ends.

Auxiliary recording.  I just heard over the radio that another super volcano has erupted.  Lake Toba in Indonesia.  The odds that 2 would erupt in one lifetime are weird.  Well, weird if you weren’t part of highly secretive government agenda to control nature with the intention of world domination.  Since I was then I know what is really behind it and I am going to stop it.  Where there was once order, panic and fear have set in.  I could hear it in the voice of the reporter.  Even after I stop Tempestas, earth and humankind will have some healing to do.  Recording ends.

August 16, 4:20 pm.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  I have been trying to record everyday in order to chronicle the steps I have taken but each day has been about the same and it has not been hard to remember the things I have done thus far since I am simply going down a list and crossing items off.  So I’ve decided to hold off on recording until something significant has occurred.  Well today something significant has occurred.  I managed to get into the system, brief as it was, and shut down the part of the system that controls tornado formation.  The system got to me and kicked me out just as I finished.  I doubt I will be able to get back in the system the same way again.  I really need to find the code for the crustal deformation sonic emitter.  That is becoming a real threat.  Recording ends.

November 1,  12 AM Midnight.  Dr. Vanessa Walters *Yawn* I haven’t been getting much sleep.  Maybe 2 hours off and on every other day.  I haven’t made any more progress on shutting down Tempestas.  I thought it would be important to note what is going on in the world.  The last source of information I have is the radio.  There are no more tv broadcasts, cell phones are out, the internet is gone.  The creature comforts of the world have become a thing of the past.  This is where most sense of humanity went away.  The government has lost control.  Out in society it is similar to that movie The Purge.  Have you seen it?  Well the gist of it is that one night a year there is no law anyone has to abide by.  You can do whatever you want.  Yea.  I guess that movie wouldn’t have as much of an impact now since everyday is the Purge.  Recording ends.

December 25,  8:04 pm.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  Merry Christmas.  I was never very big on celebrating any holidays.  It always seemed so mundane.  Now…Now, I miss the idea of getting together with family and friends for an occasion.  Isn’t it funny how you can take something for granted until the time you no longer have it.  Then you miss it.  It’s just always there, until its not.  Well, as a present to the world I managed to get back in to the system again and was able to take out the part for storms.  Sounds small I know but these were anywhere from your everyday storm to torrential hundred mile an hour winds storms.  I’m sure many people would rather not gamble with that chance.  I’m going to try to get some sleep.  Recording ends.

January 13,   3:15 am.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  There is something weird going on in my home.  I have been hearing noises.  Items seem to be moving from where I put them.  Earlier it felt as though there was someone in the room, breathing over my shoulder.  I haven’t been getting much sleep, this must be a side effect.  I’m going to try and get some sleep.  Recording ends.

Auxiliary recording.  I tried to get some sleep but was awoken abruptly after it felt as though something had scratched me.  I’ve discovered 5 long scratch marks on my thigh.  What kind of dream did I have to scratch myself so hard.  Recording ends.

March 28, 8:10 pm.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  It’s been a little while since my last recording and I said there were some weird things happening in my home.  Since then nothing has been out of the ordinary so I believed everything was better.  I had been getting a little more sleep and getting into Tempestas and shutting down programs.  Until today.  Today, I came out of my bedroom to find my dining room chairs stacked one on top of the other on the dining room table.  Then…*vase crashes into wall*…*Vanessa screams*.  It’s starting again.  Could it be my electronics?  *Footsteps in near distance*  Who’s there?  *Silence*  I am going to lie down for a while.  I am clearly tired and hallucinating.  Recording ends.

May 1,  3:00 am.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  I don’t know if you can hear that but there is someone vandalizing my home in the living room and kitchen.  I am scared to walk out there and even if I could call the police, no one would come.  *Pot clangs against wall*  I have to see what this is.  *Door creaks open*  Oh my God!  *Slams door closed*  I have never been a believer of ghosts but I know what I just saw.  Everything in my kitchen was being thrown through the air by no one.  I need to leave.  I’m going to leave.  Yea.  That’s what you're going to do Vanessa, pack up everything you need and get out of here.  You’re already dealing with Tempestas, not going to add poltergeist to the list.  What is this?  Where did this come from?  I can’t deal with this.  I’m going to the police station later, I need to try.  I’m freaking out.  I am going to sit here until all this stops and head out.  *Noises in background* *silence* *Snoring* *EVP-Where am I?* *Snoring*.

I don’t know how I slept during all that but I am going to head out right now before anything else happens.  Recording ends.

May 1, 9:11 am.  Dr. Vanessa Walters.  I am at the police station right now and there is no one here.  It looks like no one has been here for a while.  No surprise.  I don’t know what to do now.

Watchtower:  Troop 2 this is Watchtower.  Troop 2 come in.  Over.  *Static*  Troop 2 this is Watchtower. Over.

Dr. Walters:  Someone is calling over the precincts radio.  Not sure if I should answer.

Watchtower:  Troop 2 this is Watchtower.  Come in Troop 2.  Over.

Dr. Walters:  Umm.  Hello.

Watchtower:  Hello.  Are you part of Troop 2?

Dr. Walters:  No.  I just came to speak with someone and found the place empty.  My name is Vanessa.

Watchtower:  Well Vanessa before you keep going let me tell I prefer to use aliases until we build a rapport.  This is for your safety.

Dr. Walters:  Okay.  Well you can call me Doc.

Watchtower:  Great.  Nice to meet you Doc.  

Dr. Walters:  Nice to meet you as well.  

Watchtower:  Doc.  Can you do me a favor before you get settled in there?

Dr. Walters:  What is it?

Watchtower:  Check the area.  My last correspondence with the precinct, they said some strange haunting stuff was going on.  Do you see anything in there that would suggest that?

Dr.  Walters:  I really hope not.  I think my house suddenly became haunted.  I don't think I can go through this again.

Watchtower:  Check the area.  You’re looking for salt, crystals, iron.  Anything that normally wouldn’t be in a police station.

Dr. Walters:  I will check.

Walking through precinct

Dr. Walters:  Watchtower.  I found a pile of salt in front the evidence room door.

Watchtower:  That’s not good.  Do you have anywhere else to go?

Dr. Walters:  No.  I was hoping to get some help coming here.

Watchtower:  I may know someone who can help.  Let me get back to you.  For know, do not break that salt line.  Do you understand?

Dr. Walters:  Yes.

Watchtower:  Great.  I’ll be in touch.  Over and out.

Dr. Walters:  My luck.  Go from one haunted space to another.  For now, I’ll just wait here.  Recording ends.