Out of the Ashes

Prologue - Episode 6 - They Exist pt. 1

September 28, 2021 Unknown Squared Productions Season 1
Out of the Ashes
Prologue - Episode 6 - They Exist pt. 1
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After being bunkered down for over a year with his family and Chris.  David and emerge to get a lat of the land and see if it would possible to scavenge for food in the immediate area.  On the journey they meet Tanya and Luther who have survived their ordeal but are asking for help to rescue their young friend who is trapped inside the mall that occupied by something long thought to be myth.


Don't Go In There - Megan McDuffee

Exist Strategy - Reverence

Run - The Reshape Project

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Guns Loading

Isabelle:  Dad, hey.

Dave:  Hey.  You’re up early.

Isabelle:  Yea I remembered you were going out today and wanted to offer my services, because who else is going to watch your back.

Chris:  Ouch.  That hurt.

Dave:  I appreciate it but this is just a recon and scavenge mission.  We can handle this.

Isabelle:  If you say so.  Where’s mom?

Dave:  I’m not sure.  You should go keep her company she’s been a nervous wreck thinking about me leaving the bunker.

Isabelle:  (sigh) Of course I get left with this task.

Dave:  Izzy.

Isabelle:  Fine, fine.

Begins walking away.

Isabelle:  Dad.  Be careful.

Dave:  I will.

Chris:  What about me?

Isabelle:  You make sure he’s careful.

Chris:  Woooooow.


Chris:  Let’s go over this plan again.

Dave:  Again.  This would be like the fourth time.

Chris:  Okay.  What I really want to do is convince you to add the mall to the list.  I really think it would be worth the effort .

Dave:  I thought we agreed it was too much of a risk.

Chris:  Well no.  You said it was too much of a risk.

Dave:  Okay.  Well look if you feel that strongly about then we will go check it out.

Release gun housing

Dave:  Are you ready?

Chris:  Yea.  Let’s go.

Walking away.

Chris:  Are you okay?  You know to get through the door you have to open it first.

Dave:  Yea.  This is almost like a moment of truth.  This door hasn’t been opened in a year.

Chris:  It is…surreal.

Dave:  Okay.  Lets do this.

Circular heavy door handle turns.  Loud metal locks unhinge.

Door is pulled open.  Heavy wind blowing.

Chris:  Wow.  It looks…wow.

Dave:  It’s supposed to be high noon and still no sun.

Chris:  Something about the air feels off.

Dave:  Yea I feel it too.  Let’s go.  The quicker we get this done, the quicker we come home.

Walking through grass.  Motorcycle turns on and revs.

Drives off (fade out)

(Fade in) Motorcycle driving.  Bike stops.

Chris:  Everything just seems dead.

Dave:  We should walk from here.

Motorcycle shuts off.  ATV shuts off.

Starts walking through woods.

Chris:  So now that we’re out here do you think we will see some ghosts or monsters?

Dave:  You don’t believe any of that, do you?

Chris:  All those people that reported sightings and you think they all just saw the same thing.

Dave:  This is literally an apocalyptic scenario.  People minds are trying to cope.

Walking stops.

Dave:  Let me see the binoculars.


Chris:  You see anything?

Dave:  Nah.  It looks empty.  Let’s go check it out.


Chris:  Well that was picked clean.

Dave:  For the most part.  But luckily we found some much needed meds.

ATV starts up.

Dave:  Let’s head to the next location.

Chris:  The mall.

Dave:  Yea.  If you insist.

Chris:  Even in the apocalypse.  You still hate the mall.

Dave:  Like I said, it just seems like too much of a risk.

Chris:  Well we won’t know until we go see.

Motorcycle starts and drive off.

ATV drives off.  (Fade out, fade in)

Dave:  What do you see?

Chris:  It looks safe.  I can see an open door.

Starts walking

Dave:  I guess we’re going in.

Footsteps on cement.

Dave:  Something definitely feels off around here.  It’s completely dark through that doorway.  Why has no one made this home yet?

Chris:  We should go in just in case.

Luther:  Hey!

Chris:  Ohhhhhh!

Gun raises.

Luther:  Wait!  Don’t shoot!

Dave:  Who are you?

Luther:  I’m Luther and this…this is Tanya.  I’m sorry for scaring you, but I had to warn you before you went in there.

Chris:  Why is that?  Is this someone’s stronghold?  Or are you trying to keep us from getting what is inside?

Tanya:  When we landed back in the area we began making our way here to make this home.  On the way here we found a young girl who we have been caring for.  When we got here we had to fight off another group of scavengers that wanted to take all that we had.  We were separated and she ran in there, but when she did we heard them.

Dave:  Them who?

Tanya:  The Nusumbwa or Lycan.

Dave:  No way.

Luther:  We were going to try and get her but we are not prepared for that.  Could you help us?

Dave:  You could have gotten her yourself but your irrational fear stopped you.  There is no werewolf, they do not exist, but we will go in and find her.

Tanya:  I assure you they exist.

Dave:  Yea.  Chris, let’s do this.

Chris:  Great.

Dave:  Don’t change your mind now.  You wanted to come here.  Turn your walkie on and let’s do this.  You head to the exit that leads to the mall.  If the gate is down then we will know she is in the area.


Dave:  Go.  Meet in electronics.

Footsteps.  Music.

Dave:  Hey.  Are you in here? (Loud whisper)  Little girl are you in here.

Chris:  (Over radio) The gate is down.  Heading to electronics.

Dave:  (Over radio) Copy.


Out of breath running

Chris:  Did you hear that?!

Dave:  Of course I did.  Let’s hurry this up.  Let’s head into the back.

Chris:  What?!  No!  No!  Hell no!  Are you sure you heard the same noise I did?  Cuz any sane person wouldn’t say let’s head deeper into the place we heard that noise.

Dave:  Listen.  Whatever that noise was, there is still a child in here.  Alone.  Now I don’t know about you but I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I left her in here to fend for herself against whatever made that noise.  Could you?

Chris:  Fine.  Let’s go.

Creaking door opens


Chris:  Wow, it’s dark.

Dave:  Use your flashlight.

Flashlight clicks on

Chris:  Little girl.  Hey, little girl.  I wish we knew her name.  Calling little girl out into the dark feels weird.

Footsteps stop

Dave:  Shhh!  Did you hear that?

Faint heavy breathing

Chris:  What is that?


Dave:  Hey!

Chris:  What?!  Oh it’s her.

Dave:  Hey there.  How are you?  My name is Dave and this is my friend Chris.  We are friends with Luther and Tanya.  They’re very worried about you.  I know the sounds in here are scary but if you take my hand, we can get out of here together.

Chris:  She’s shaking her head.  Why is she shaking her head?  Little girl do you know whats in here?  I know you’ve heard it.


Chris:  She’s pointing behind us.  Why is she doing that?

Heavy breathing becomes louder

Dave:  I don’t want to look.  You go ahead.

Chris:  You think I want to!

Dave:  Ok.  Look together, now.

Loud roar

Chris:  Ohhhhhh!

Dave:  Grab the girl and run!

Automatic gun fire

Dave:  What the hell was that?!

Automatic gun fire

Loud thud on floor

Dave:  I think it’s down.

Chris:  I’m not stopping to find out.


Luther:  Great!  You found her!

Chris and Dave:  Yea!


Luther:  Where are you going?! *Pause* Tanya, why are you running with them?

Tanya:  Come on!


Dave:  There was something…big…in there.

Tanya:  I did tell you there was a werewolf in there.

Dave:  Why would you let us go in there?

Tanya:  You wouldn’t listen.  Plus I believe you are the type of person who would never leave a child behind.


Dave:  It’s getting dark.  Chris, let’s head back to the store.  We’ll stay there for the night.  You're welcome to join us but it won’t be a very comfortable ride for you.

Luther:  Thanks but we’ll…

Tanya: We’ll gladly come with you for the night.

Chris:  Great.  Now that that’s settled let’s hurry up and get out of here.

Vehicles rev up and drive off

Howling in distance.