Out of the Ashes

Prologue - Episode 7 - They Exist pt. 2

September 28, 2021 Unknown Squared Productions Season 1
Out of the Ashes
Prologue - Episode 7 - They Exist pt. 2
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David and Chris are now on the run from the creatures with Tanya, Luther and Mya in tow.  Can they escape?  Or will they be caught and bring danger to the ones they love.


Don't Go In There - Megan McDuffee

Exist Strategy - Reverence

Run - The Reshape Project

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Water running and sound of scrubbing

Isabelle:  Mom are you okay?

Lena:  Of course I am.

Isabelle:  You sure?  Cuz you’re hand scrubbing the dishes that just came out the dishwasher.  I know you clean when you nervous…or worried.

Lena:  I’m fine.

Isabelle:  Okay.

Begins to walk away

Lena:  It’s just that we haven’t heard anything from them yet.  Your father said he would be back by the evening and he’s all about punctuality.  So where are they?

Isabelle:  Well he is with Chris.  Mr. Unpunctuality, so there’s that.  Also, there is no reason to worry yet.  We know dad can handle himself, he’s been tracking and hunting since he was a kid.  Plus he can kick ass.

Lena:  Language.

Isabelle:  *Haha*  Relax mom.  I was going to watch a movie and would like some company if you’re down for it.

Lena:  What movie?

Isabelle:  I don’t know.  What do you think?


Lena:  Were you really going to watch movie?

Isabelle:  Yea!…No, I wasn’t.

Lena:  And you’re doing this just to distract me, aren’t you?

Isabelle:  Yes, I am.  *Haha*  But if you are still worrying I have some laundry that needs to get done.

Lena:  That big smile.  You remind so much of your father.

Isabelle:  Oh my God mom.  Are you about to cry?  *Haha*

Lena:  *Haha* Shut up.  Let’s go watch that movie.

Walk out the room

Lena:  And you can do your own laundry.

Dave:  Well, call me crazy but I like to get to know the people I’m traveling with.  So tell me about yourselves.

Chris:  (excitedly)  I know who she is!


Chris:  What.  I’m a fan.

Dave:  I’m assuming you’re on tv.

Tanya:  I’m a reporter.

Dave:  Since when do you watch the news?

Chris:  I’ll try not to take offense to that.

Dave:  And you?

Luther:  I’m her cameraman.  We were doing a report on the natural disturbances in Yellowstone National Park and barely managed to escape the initial blast of the volcano.

Dave:  How?  If you were driving there’s no way would have escaped.

Luther:  There was a pilot with our group a while ago, he flew us out.

David:  And where is he?

Luther:  He went home.  He has a family and needed to check on them.  So a little after we landed he went home and we traveled and stayed wherever we could to avoid this wacky weather and these monsters.  That’s actually how we found Mya.  She was being held captive by a spirit in her home.  We heard her screams and tried to get in but this ghost was strong and wouldn’t let us.  Eventually we found a weak spot and got her out.  Unfortunately we were too late to save her parents.

Chris:  No wonder she hasn’t been talking.  To lose your parents and be stuck in the house with their corpses has got to be hard.

Dave:  How do you know about all this stuff?  I mean you seem to be very calm about it.

Luther:  Who me?!  Oh no.  I’m terrified.  I’ll let her explain, if she’s up to it.


Tanya:  *Deep breath* As you can see now the things you believed were myths, legends and stories to scare kids at night are actually true.  I’m sure this flips your world upside down.  One day your biggest worry is paying your mortgage and later you’re running from werewolves.  This is the world you know live in.  I was raised in an environment where we accepted the fact that there was more to this world than what society would lead many to believe.  I grew up in a community where the words ghost, demon, angel, possession, weren’t words to be avoided in fear of being considered crazy and locked in a padded cell.  We embraced that side of the world and learned from our connection to it.  This is why I am not afraid.  This is why I’ve told Luther not to let his fear overcome his ability to think critically.  This side of the world has always been here, we survived this long and we can survive still.

Chris:  This is a lot to take in.

Dave:  Wait so it’s always been here.  So why are they all showing themselves now.

Tanya:  Opportunity.

Loud thud on the roof

Dave:  Ssssshhhhhh…

Walking on the roof

Tanya:  They’ve found us.  This place didn’t hide our scent well enough.

Dave:  Load up.  We’ve got move now.  (loud whisper)

Crash through roof

Loud howl

Bike and ATV starts up

Dave:  Go!

More crashing through roof to the ground.

Werewolves begin running

Chris:  The doors aren’t open!

Dave:  Shoot out the glass!  We don’t have time to stop!

Automatic gun fire

Glass shatters

Chris:  Go ahead of me!

Dave:  Is that a grenade!?  Where the hell did you get a grenade?!

Chris:  From my own personal collection!  Fire in the hole!

Grenade explodes

Werewolves howl in pain

Chris:  I got ‘em!

Tanya:  He won’t be able to kill them like that.  The most he did was slow them down and believe me they will come back.


Driving off - roar is getting further

Dialing on cell phone

Luther:  That cell phone isn’t going to work.  Even if it did I don’t think this is the right time to make a call!

Dave:  I have my own off the grid cell tower and I have a plan.


Buzzer sounds

Lena:  What is that?

Isabelle:  It’s the emergency line.  It’s dad!  

Gets up quickly runs out room 

Lena:  Wait!  I’m coming too.

Motorcycle driving

Dave:  Come on pick up.

Door opens

Isabelle:  Hello.  I’m here.  I’m here.

Motorcycle driving

Dave:  Izzy I need you to start loading the bus!

Radio static in comm room

Isabelle:  It’s that serious?

Lena:  What’s that serious?

Dave:  Yes!  Load up as much food, water and ammo as you can!

Isabelle:  I’m on it!

Lena:  Hold on!  Give me that!  What is happening?!  Are you in danger?!

Dave:  I need for you to help Izzy with loading the bus.

Lena: Tell me wha’t going on.

Dave:  Lena.  I love you.  And I will tell you everything, but right now is not the time.  If you want to see me again you will let me go so I can focus!

Roar over radio in background

Lena:  What was that?!

Dave:  Lena!

Lena:  Right.  I expect a full explanation later.

Dave:  And you will have it!

Running of herd of werewolves

Luther:  So what’s your plan?!

Dave:  C4!

Tanya:  They may be part human but as I said before, in this state that is not going to work!

Dave:  How about 400 lbs of it?!

Luther:  What?!?!

Tanya:  Seems a bit excessive, but it may do the trick!

Dave:  Good!  Because it’s all I have right now!

Tanya:  How much longer!?

Dave:  About 10 minutes!


Lena:  Where do I put the food?

Isabelle:  Over there.  Each section is labeled to best maximize the space.

Lena:  You and your dad really thought this out.

Isabelle:  It was mostly him, but I insisted on learning it for situations just like this.

Lena:  What do you think is going on out there?  What was that horrible sound?

Isabelle:  I don’t know but I’m sure dad will explain.

Motorcycles revving

Dave:  Okay we’re getting close!  Chris do you hear me?

Chris:  Go ahead!

Dave:  I’m going to open the hatch remotely so we can drive through.  Once in I need you to pull the rope to release the brakes and close the hatch quickly!

Chris:  Got it!

Dialing number

Hatch opening - lift whirring

Dave:  Okay.  Get ready.

Bikes rev higher

Dave:  Now!

Rope pull

Heavy metal hatch slams closed

Muffle howl heard outside

Dave:  That will slow them down for a little bit.

Drops bike

Dave:  Chris I need you to take everyone to help Lena and Izzy load the bus.  I’ve got other preparations to make.  I will join you soon.

Chris:  Okay.  Don’t take too long.

Running away

Door to control room opens

Beeping and buttons being pressed

Over intercom

Dave:  Is the bus loaded?!

Chris:  Yes.  Hurry up.

Dave:  What door are they at?  Where are they?  There!

Button press

Dave:  Come on in.

Roar heard through speaker

Runs out room

Running through corridors

Chris:  Finally!  What took you so long?!

Door closes

Dave:  We don’t have much time!  Start the bus!

Banging on door.

Tanya:  They got in even faster than I expected.

Dave:  I let them in.

Chris Tanya Luther:  You did what?!

Dave:  Let’s go!  As soon as we’re out of here I’ll detonate the C4.

Chris:  You’ve lost it!  Everyone on!

Lena:  What the hell is that?!

Bus door closes

Hydraulic hatch opens

Bus tries to start and won’t turn over

Chris:  What the hell?!

Dave:  What’s going on?!

Chris:  It won’t start?!

Tries to start it again

Luther:  Open the hood!

Bus door opens

Engine hood opens

Luther:  Try it!

Turns key - nothing

Isabelle:  Uhhhhh.  Whatever is behind the door is breaking it down.

Lena:  That is a 1000 lb steel door.  What could do that?!

Dave:  Luther not much time left!

Luther:  You’re not helping!…Try that!

Key turns.  Bus starts

Chris:  Yes!  Let’s go!

Bus begins driving

Luther:  I’ve got the rope!

Heavy door slams to ground

Isabelle:  What the hell is that?!

David:  Their through the door!  Pull the rope!

Bus drives

Rope gets pulled - Hatch slams

Number being dialed

Chris:  Aren’t we a little too close still?

Dave:  Keep driving and we’ll be fine.

Final button is pressed

Explosion in background



Chris:  Where to now?

Jacob/Watchtower:  Nighthawk come in.

Radio static

Chris:  Is…Is that the guy from before?

Dave:  Yea.  I believe so.

Radio static

Jacob/Watchtower:  Nighthawk this is Watchtower.  Come in.

Isabelle:  Dad, please don’t tell me you chose the name Nighthawk.

Dave:  It’s all I could think of at the time.

Radio static

Dave:  Watchtower this is Nighthawk, go ahead.

Radio static

Jacob/Watchtower:  Nighthawk I have a lady at Troop 2 who could use some help with a haunting.  I know you're in the area.  Could you provide assistance?

Lena:  Haunting?!

Chris:  We’ve been enough already.

Luther:  No we have to help this woman.  I know we’ve been through a lot but if we can help, we should.  A haunting is something no one should endure.

Radio static

Dave:  *Deep breath*  We will be there soon.

Radio static

Jacob/Watchtower:  Great.  Will convey the message.  Thanks.

Dave:  Well we’re heading to Troop 2 in Newark then to New Jersey.  I have a temporary site there.