Out of the Ashes

Acceptance pt. 1

January 19, 2022 Unknown Squared Productions Season 1 Episode 7
Out of the Ashes
Acceptance pt. 1
Show Notes

All is quiet in the beta site bunker as everyone is sleeping on the decision to whether or not take an active role in the race against Serena to free Lilith.  But that quiet is disturbed when Dani has a nightmare and unknowingly summons flames in the sleeping quarters.  Arana decides it's time to help Dani get a basic control over this power by facing the past.

Rachel Pulliam as Arana
Gabriella Hall as Danielle/Dani
Vincent C. Davis as David
Michelle Lainge as Lena
Gazza Forte as Dani's Dad
Angel Forte as Dani's Mom

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